Excalibur is a private, non-profit all volunteer, charitable organization dedicated to providing adaptive boating and fishing opportunities for disabled and disadvantaged persons. Its goal is to provide access to Lake Erie, as well as offer developmental, therapeutic and recreational opportunities for Human Service Agency related programs. Since 1985, Excalibur Leisure Skills Center has provided thousands of developmentally challenged and disadvantage persons in our Western New York community with accessible, therapeutic boating and fishing opportunities. This opportunity is made possible through the generosity of others. Without such support, none of our challenged community would know or be able to experience the benefits of Lake Erie, as so many others do today.

On average, it costs Excalibur $75.00 to provide services for one individual for a two-hour session. If you schedule fifteen individuals from a site for two hours, that would be a total of$1,125.00. Enough can’t be said on why voluntary donations are so very, very, important. Bottom line – voluntary donations keep the program operational, defray fuel costs, and most importantly, allow Excalibur to bring this type of programming to you.

During these tight financial times, budget cuts often effect a vulnerable population who cannot speak for themselves. As we all strive to strike “financial balance”, we must be even more vigilant about the less fortunate people around us and the conditions they live in on a daily basis. Your donations, however large or small, are important to the Program. You will be asked to make a “suggested and fair voluntary donation” of $15.00 per person. Most agencies and individuals know what they can afford. However, if you find yourself in a quandary, then think about how much your group or family spent on your last outing, dinner or show.

(Voluntary donations can be given to your Excalibur Captain after boarding. We accept tax deductible cash, check or money orders. A receipt will be issued to your agency or group from our office or by the captain.)

We encourage your support and sincerely thank you for your donation to the Excalibur Program.


From captains and crew to booth workers at events and fundraisers, we work solely on a volunteer basis and depend on people like yourself who want to make a difference. Contact us or fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will contact you shortly regarding scheduling and hands on classroom training. You may also download and send us the Volunteer Form which can be found HERE.

Thank You for considering volunteering your time to help Excalibur Leisure Skills.